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More advertising, less worry

We provide one main solution for all media buyers and publishers who are already familiar with the world of whitelisted agency accounts, business managers, and data dashboards.

However, you can include an add-on whether you are a pro or a newbie.

Booster Plan

Boost traffic and grow revenue

Setup Add-on

Bootstrap your online presence

How it works


Open an account


Top it up with a currency of your choice, including crypto.

We apply one simple and convenient fee for all exchanges.


Start scaling your advertising campaigns.


How does the consulting work?

You will have 30m onboarding call with our advertising specialists in which you will:

  • Understand how to use all the tools we provide.
  • Get the best market insights to develop your campaigns.
  • Learn the best practices to avoid service disruptions (even if you operate in a restricted market area).
  • Steal our advice about creativities, copy and advertising strategies.

Will I receive an invoice for the full advertisement credit I spent?

Of course! You will receive an invoice for the full amount directly from one of our companies either in Italy or in the United Kingdom, depending on the nationality of your company.

What happens if my agency account gets blocked?

Our accounts will not get blocked if you respect advertising policies. Should you experience a service interruption by mistake, our account managers will be ready to help. Your credit is always safe because it will be allocated to the business manager and your assets will be light-speed transferred to a working account. 

Can I launch campaigns against, say, Facebook policies?

No! Facebook policies must be respected (not even Mark Zuckerberg’s account is immune). An agency account gives you security, reliability and the ability to scale your budget at any moment, as long as it complies with advertising regulations.

Can I sponsor “restricted” products, like nutraceuticals, crypto or “more borderline” ones?

Yes! In this case regulations are much stricter and you will have to study them well. With our support, however, you can manage and send your campaigns to Whitelist Pro support for a pre-approval check. We will forward draft campaign ids to our account managers for a thorough inspection.

How can I access your agency accounts?

The account will be shared with your Business Manager so that you can manage it independently (assign pixels, add people, etc.).

Have any questions? Don’t hesitate to reach us.

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