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Welcome to Whitelist PRO, where our Marketing & Communications team is more than just a team – we’re a tightly woven family of dedicated professionals who thrive on pushing boundaries and delivering results. If deadlines are the rhythm of our heartbeat, then innovation is the air we breathe. In this dynamic environment, creativity isn’t just welcomed – it’s celebrated.

Our Marketing & Communications team members embrace their wild, imaginative sides while also cultivating the strategic prowess needed to elevate our projects to new heights. Balancing the art of expression with the science of strategy, you’ll discover a symphony of possibilities that brings our brand and message to life.

But this isn’t just about the thrill – it’s about reaping the rewards that come with dedication and excellence. As the tides of the industry ebb and flow, are you ready to rise to the challenge? The path to success is illuminated by your determination, your ability to adapt, and your unwavering commitment to achieving greatness.

Open roles

Acquisition Dept.

Content Manager

Full time – 40 hrs/week
A strong base salary and generous commission scheme
Global travelling to conferences

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